Thursday, February 27, 2014

Global Wrap for Current Events

Knowledge and understanding of current events are an important part of being a good citizen.  As adults, most of use dislike the feeling that there is something going on in the world that we know nothing about. Wouldn't it be great if kids would have that same feeling and be driven to know the current events of the world in which they live? Through an account with Discovery Education, you have access to the Global Wrap, a resource that will allow you to instill that drive in your students.   Global Wrap is featured on the Discovery Ed homepage after you log in.

Sometimes what's in the news is not always appropriate for the age of students you are working with.
Discovery's Global Wrap is organized so that you can show segments or the entire Wrap.
 This allows you to be able to select the news you want the students to view or see the entire news in one whole video.  You can also chunk it out to allow kids to view and experience a little each day.

Ideas for Classroom Use

  • Have a Current Events Day of the week.
  • Assign a segment to different groups through the Assignment Builder and have them share out.
  • Build a writing prompt about different segments to encourage deeper thinking and responses about the media
  • Have students select one topic/segment and then have them report out about that particular topic

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