Monday, February 10, 2014

Get Students Engaged with Plickers

Sometime the ways that technology can amaze us is so simple you can hardly believe it.  Plickers is one of those simple ways to engage and inspire kids to participate.  All you would need is ONE smartphone (Android or iOS) and PAPER!  (I have not tried this with an iPad).  This simple app for Android or iPhone is built for a teacher that does not have access to devices but wants to make a digital difference.  The app is free!  A teacher simple needs to download the free iOS or Android app.  From the Plickers Website, the teacher prints a "paper clicker".  Teachers ask a question in class and the students answer the question by showing the "Paper Clicker or Clicker" paper assigned to them.  The teacher uses the camera on their phone or device to read the room's responses.  The teacher will get a real-time bar graph and the data stored individually by student.  A set of student "Plickers" provides enough access for 40 students and could be reused for different classes.
Student "paper clicker or Plicker"

The process to use is simple:

  1. To start the class poll the teacher presses "Start" using the app and holds the device up as though taking a photo.  It will begin to collect student data.
  2. Students hold the card so that the correct response is facing up and the code is facing toward the teacher's camera.
  3. Plickers will collect data until the teacher presses "Stop".  Press "Reset" to reset the graph and save responses.  

 Classroom Ideas:

  • Create a daily Exit Slip question set for students.
  • Offer a fun get started assessment.
  • Use a Plickers Quiz to add interest to the current events of the week.
  • Use Plickers to gather data on a learning target and how well students feel they understand the target.
  • Do quick math review of facts, mental math ideas, etc.
  • Review basic vocabulary.

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