Sunday, March 2, 2014

Help Your Parents ... or Yourself!

I have spent the last few days at the Illinois Computing Educator Conference and the Illinois Google Summit.  I have a ton of resources that I am excited to bring back but an easy one to share and blog about is the Teach Parents Tech site.  This site is a parody for those people that frequently find they are in the position of helping parents learn tech.  It is easy to use, full of helpful topics, and not necessarily just for kids who want to help frustrated parents learn about tech.  I think we all might find something here.
The landing page allows you to select and personalize the video and recipient messages.  Once complete, it looks like this:
You then enter the email address you want to send the video to and off it goes.  the recipient gets a very similar message with the videos embedded right into the email.  Each video is about 30 seconds long.  There are many videos that any of us could learn from.  Easy, simple resource for not just parents.

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