Thursday, February 6, 2014

Olympics Theme - DEN Connects

As the world tunes into the Olympic Games this week, a group of fantastic STAR Discovery Educators has been working on the DEN Connects site to build an Olympics theme that will assist you in making better use of the resources found in the Discovery Education subscriptions you have while learning about the Olympics.  There is an added bonus to this site as you can "connect" with other classrooms across the country to share learning.  The DEN Connects site is broken into several easy to read and navigate parts.   You will find:
  • Mini-lessons - based on a 20-30 minute instructional time rich with media and integration strategies.
  • Student Digital Dives -  A scavenger hunt prepared using Discovery media and focused on the topic of the month (Olympics).
  • Content Creation Challenge - A challenge to inspire you to try something new with your students.   This month it is a Paper Slide Video which many of you have worked to complete in other areas in the past.  I'd love to help with these! 
  • Class-to-Class Connections - This part of the Den Connects site give you an avenue to make a connection with another class and share learning ideas and experiences.  Make use of the Google Hangout feature and make a new classroom friend!  
If you want to plan ahead, there is a new DEN Connect theme each month and you can count on these amazing DEN STAR Educators to come through with awesome content and ideas for you to use. Upcoming themes will include Habitats, and Weather/Natural Disasters.

Interested in doing any of these activities or need help with adjusting any of these ideas to your classroom curriculum?  Let me know!  I would love to help.

Interested in being a STAR Discovery Educator?  I can help with that too!

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