Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Screencastify - Screen Casting on the Chromebook

A new tool being discussed in many places I read is Screencastify.  This great, easy to use extension allows for easy screen recorded videos or screen casts that can be done on a Chromebook.  I have been considering creating a tutorial to this, but was beat to it and lucky for you, this one is better than I could have done!  (Additionally the author, Chris Betcher, has a great accent that is much more enjoyable than my voice.)

There is a lot of great potential for using screencasting with kids.  I wonder about students screencasting to explain their thinking and then sharing that screen cast with their teacher or with other students. There are many great reasons to screen cast with kids.  Capturing elements of a lesson, a series of steps needed for learning or to get to a location online, as a recording of a visual that needs audio like challenging pronunciations, or even as a screen capture to record a student's progress as a way of building a digital portfolio.
Look for Screencastify in the Google Chrome Web Store here!

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