Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Focused Presentations

In an effort to focus as well as digitize the learning experience for students there are a number of resources out there to explore.  Many of them with similar features. Working with teachers it becomes challenging to know just what would be the preferred resource for each classroom.  So, I thought I would  showcase them all in one location.

PearDeck is an inquiry-based learning tool.  A teacher creates a presentation and shares it with the students through a code.  The teacher sees which students have joined the session.  As the teacher advances, the displayed teacher screen requests students to respond in a variety of ways.  The teacher can lock in student answers so they can no longer change them and display all student answers joined on one screen.  These responses can be in text form, by sliding a marker on a map, giving a thumbs up, drawing or other standard responses.  Tools such as dragging a marker on the screen, drawing and Google Slide importing are a part of the paid features.  For free teachers can have up to 30 participants, use text slides, multiple choice, number slides and unlimited PearDecks.  PearDeck is available in the Chrome WebStore.