Friday, February 14, 2014

Class Badges Put Some Fun into the Day!

We sometimes forget how far just a little praise and fun can go for a student.  While we give an enormous amount of feedback to students, it rarely becomes a badge of honor that they cherish and remember the learning by.  Try as we would like, we want to honor even the smallest accomplishments towards a greater goal.  One way you might find useful is through the free resource Class Badges.
Class Badges is an online resource of which you can award a digital badge for different things you would like to encourage in the classroom.  While the debate about intrinsic and extrinsic rewards comes into play for this tool, I think sometimes it is just good to have a little fun!  Class Badges is a great way to discretely acknowledge behaviors, learning milestones, and exciting events in the classroom easily and without expense.  Teachers create a class, add students, create simple badges from easy to use graphics and designs and they are off!  Simple, free and easy!

I tried it.  I created a few simple badges, create a sample class and student.  I awarded them two badges and this is what the student badges looked like.  Took me about 5 minutes.  How fun!

A great quick start tutorial and some starter ideas for using Class Badges can be found in the following video.  

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