Wednesday, August 1, 2018


The search is always on for a unique way for presenting information that is pleasing, visual and engages the senses of the learner.  While we all know that the best engagement comes through doing something, there are still those times in which we need to simply share information. So, if we do, shouldn't it be beautiful?  Last year I learned about when Diana Laufenberg, an amazing educator and consultant for my district at that time, used it in her presentation.  As Diana so easily does, she presented using it as a way of learning it and became an instant example of the type of learners we should all be.  As such, when I was called upon to present to a large group of unknown educators, I thought I would try it too!  Of course, Diana was right, the tool was awesome!  Easy to navigate, rich with features and aesthetically pleasing to those watching the presentation. encourages the presenter to rely more on images than, text, to use appealing color schemes and guidance along the way.  Included in the sample landing page is a deck that teaches you some basic design principles. In reference to building a quality presentation, reinforces Brevity, Balance and Consistency in creation. Automated adjustments to the design as you work are awesome and assist you in creating a better product.  Finally it is a collaborative tool allowing you and a team to work together to be