Friday, January 3, 2014

Clip Better Extension

Yesterday I shared a tool that would help you manage the many great extensions out there for Google Chrome.  Therefore today I don't feel guilty for suggesting yet another great extension that you can add to the toolbar because you can use yesterday's tool to manage it all!  This morning I came across a resource that shared the extension Clip Better.  This handy extension allows you to share a link within an email visually.  Traditionally when we share a link within an email we offer the recipient the raw URL in the body of the email.  Clip Better allows you to share a visual representation of the website.
As you can see below, it will create a preview that includes the image, title, summary and other information about the page you are wanting to share.  You can even edit and customize the title and summary in the review, add a personalized comment or note and then send within your Gmail with a single click or select Copy to Clip and it will save the preview on the computer clipboard to be used in another way digitally such as Google Docs.
As I got to thinking about the classroom use for this tool I wondered if you couldn't create a clip for each of the research tools you wanted kids to use to complete a project.  I also wondered about students using this tool as a digital, annotated bibliography of web research.  However, after trying to create an example, I found that it often copied and pasted into Google Docs and Word with some poor formatting issues.  Using in email seems to work best.  So, unless they make changes to their formatting, I would use this in the classroom as a tool to share a visual representation of a URL that includes your personal comments, instructions or ideas.  Might also be a great communication tool for parents.
If you find any other uses in the classroom, please share as I would love to see this tool in use.

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