Thursday, January 16, 2014

Find Your Most Annoying Tab

If you are like many Chrome users you love the way that tabs work.  Sometimes by the end of the day you have so many tabs you can hardly even remember what you have open.  Sometimes it is like my day in review as I click each and see where I have been or what has distracted me through time as I click through them to close them.  While I love that I can have many tabs going there are a few instances in which it can be frustrating.
If one of your tabs is streaming audio, and you have so many tabs open, but you can't figure out which of the tabs has the audio playing YIKES, it seems like an eternity as you frantically click through tabs to determine which one is playing the audio.  While I usually mute my computer as I try and determine where the audio is coming from, it can be a pan to figure out where the audio is coming from.
I was thrilled to read about the new features to chrome here this week.  I though wow that will be useful!  Then today as I opened the lid my computer after moving between buildings and it reconnected to the 35 tabs I had opened before, I discovered why this was awesome!
Check it out!  This is the tab that was making noise!
Turns out, Google will also display a tab that has a page that is accessing your webcam so that you know if you are are broadcasting your webcam.  This will show in the same place as the speacker symbol above but will be a red record symbol. Or, if you use a ChromeCast to stream from your computer to a TV, it will have an icon to indicate which tab is casting.  All of this is well explained here.  Thanks Google for helping me locate and silencing that annoying tab!

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