Thursday, January 30, 2014

Google Sites Basics Recap

Last week before the deep freeze settled in educators across the district participated in a professional development day.  Based on a survey sent to staff, each educator was able to select from topics.  The Technology team put together a general Google topic and then narrowed the focus to Google Basics, Google Scrips, Google Sites and Online Resources.  We had a great response.  I worked with the staff who wanted to learn about Google Sites.  It was a great work session and each participant walked away with a basic site and the resource shared below.  I have been to many types of training and I know that once you leave, you want to try things out, but you get back to the regular routine of things and when you finally revisit things, you forget.  For this reason, all of the training was done from a Google Presentation with several videos linked throughout.  One question that all of the groups asked for was how to change the navigation from a sidebar navigation that looks like this:
Sidebar Navigation (Note tree navigation on left side of page)

To a Horizontal Navigation bar that looks like this:
Horizontal Navigation (Note the tabs across the top of the web page)

Knowing that this was a multistep process, I added another video on how to switch to Horizontal navigation and then add pages to the navigation.  This can be seen here and is added to the presentation on the last page.

The Presentation on Google Sites

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