Thursday, January 16, 2014

Awesome Screenshot

I now have a new favorite extension!  I seem to move between Mac, PC and a Chromebook and all three have the ability to take screenshots.  Using a screenshot is a huge help when I am trying to help someone learn a new process, see something that they might not have notices before, create a tutorial or even add interest in digital communication.  The ability to take a screenshot, annotate over the image, save a copy or just save to my clipboard as well as select the location I want to save the image is huge!  Wether I am working on a Chromebook, PC or my Mac, I am always working in Chrome and when I am in Chrome, I have my extensions running.  Today I discovered Awesome Screenshot:  Capture & Annotate, a free Chrome Extension that does everything I need it to!  It's Awesome!  I am SO excited! (It doesn't take much.)

With Awesome Screenshot you can capture a region, part of whole page.  You then are given the option to annotate free-hand, with shapes text or further editing of the image.  One of the really useful tools I liked was the ability to smudge or blur an area of the screenshot that you have captured.  Many times I have sensitive or personal information on a screenshot that I cannot have display.  The ability to blur that area and still use the screenshot is priceless.  Once you annotate, you then have options for sharing, saving or storing the screenshot.  Great tool that I know I will use and will be really helpful in the classroom for demonstrations as well!

View a one minute video about this extension below for more information:

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