Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stormboard - Realtime Collaboration and Brainstorming

If your school is a Google school then Stormboard might be an interesting way to add collaboration and communication among working groups in your classroom.  This service, available to students who are 13 and up, has an education portal for teachers that gives an educator an upgrade to their account.  Stormboard creates an online whiteboard in which  collaborators can create and add sticky notes, images, videos, sketches, documents and more.  This upgrade allows for unlimited users, one administrator and unlimited storms or brainstorming sessions. This is available until the end of July when Stormboard will be coming out with their education packages formally.  Create an account with Stormboard here, then upgrade the account to an Edu account here.
Stormboard has a great tutorial on their site as well as this great video.

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