Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Geddit!

Sometimes getting a sense of understanding in a lesson is challenging.  With all the different learning styles, personalities and levels of comfort within the social factors of a student's life, who can possible keep track of it all.  That is where the tool Geddit comes in to help you out.  In a 1:1 Chromebook environment it is super easy.
As a teacher you sign into Geddit for free, creating an account using their step-by-step process.  You will create a class and generate a unique class code.  This code is then shared with students who only need to use it one time.  Geddit provides a great PDF poster to explain the check in levels that could be printed and reviewed with students.
Poster for explaining Geddit available at link above.

You determine when you might want to judge the comfort level of your class.  Geddit recommends at the beginning to judge prior knowledge, during the lesson and specifically before moving to a new task, and finally at the end of the lesson as an "exit ticket".  Make clear some ground rules about checking in.  The creator of Geddit, a teacher himself, recommends these three "rules":

  1. Check-in's are private
  2. Check-in's are not graded
  3. Students can check-in at any time to let you know where they are in the lesson
Geddit has created some really great videos to upport the use of the tool in the classroom.  The intruductory video is below.  If you think this might be a great addition to your classroom, watch this and other videos to get started.  This is a great way to differentiate the pacing and attention that you offer for the students in your class.  I would love to see this in action, so let me know if you will be giving it a try!  ~Rachel

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