Sunday, March 2, 2014

Take a Risk and Feel the Glory!

As mentioned in an earlier post, I was able to get to the ICE conference in Illinois this past week.  One of the best keynotes they had was George Couros from Alberta, Canada.  His has a great blog here.  The blog is definitely worth checking out and very inspiring.  George shared a lot of great information about taking risks and being willing to embrace change.  His personal story included an image of his father on the boat immigrating through Ellis Island from Greece.  He joked, although seriously, and queried the audience of why was it we get hyped up about small changes in life today when there are people out there who took up real change like his father and others like him on the boat.  The presentation was uplifting and inspiring.  One video that he shared really struck with me was the one below.  It is a video taken of a child's first ski jump.  What makes this video so fantastic is that this child audibly narrates their misgivings, fear, and apprehension as the child approaches the jump, anticipates as well as celebrates the finished jump.  There is so much to think about and reflect upon personally  after seeing this video.

Enjoy the video below and feel free to share in the Comments your reflection...

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