Friday, March 14, 2014

"Been" Looking for Something Like This!

Several months ago I read a post about Been, a way of gathering bookmarks socially.  As I explored Been I got very excited because, unlike other social bookmarking sites, this one integrated with the browser and was very image based.  It just seemed to shout, "education".  I sent an email to the contact at the bottom of the page as inquired about access to Been for an educator or in an educational setting. Very quickly I was contacted by the developers of Been.  Sang and Dave created Been and wanted to talk more about Been for Edu.  It seems they were already exploring it.  I have been in communication with them since then and had early access to Been for Edu.  These guys are very in-tune to the challenges of a teacher and have really made a great product.  I am super excited about Been for Edu as it will allow kids of any ages to bookmark, explore the web, and communicate all in a safe walled environment.  Teacher have the ability to create accounts for kids, take them along on a surfing session or guide them through a stalk of pre-defined and explained sites.  I did a quick video tour of Been for education below.  Check it out and request access to Been for Edu for your class here.

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