Monday, November 25, 2013

Scribble Maps

Scribble Maps is a great resource for those working with geographical information within the curriculum.  This tool uses Google Maps and allows you to annotate or scribble over the map to demonstrate geographical information, routes, or other information.  Below you will find the first of many tutorials on the use of Scribble Maps.  This one is the introductory video.  It covers the basic information you need to know to annotate over a map of your choice, save, return to a saved map, or share a map with others.  I can think of countless ideas on how you might incorporate Scribble Maps into the classroom.  Here are just a few:

  1. Have students keep a map of the travels of a character in a story and note the events occurring in each location.
  2. Map major events in history on a world map for a specific day in history.
  3. Follow the travels of an important event in history (Oregon Trail).
  4. Have students demonstrate on a map the travels of their family.
  5. Buddy with other classes across the country using Google Hangouts and send each class your map and password so that they can mark their location on the map.
  6. Map current events of the week/month as they are discussed in class.
  7. Scribble Maps can be embedded in a class blog allowing each student to be assigned a state or region of which to annotate and share on the class blog.
  8. Follow a famous voyage such as Christopher Columbus.
  9. Map out a race like the Iditarod.
  10. Explore the route and distance between locations.

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