Saturday, November 23, 2013

Art Pad - Digital Canvas or Academic Tutorial Creation

I do not consider myself to be much of an artist.  Creativity is not my strongpoint as evidence by my example, but those of you that are might really enjoy Art Pad, a digital canvas that creates a video of your creation as it was digitally created.  This might be a great SMART board activity in which you use the ease of writing on the SMART board to create your masterpiece the share out the creation through the link as I have below.
Academic value might be added for teachers or students to create a demonstration of a mathematical process and submit it for another person to explain or narrate.  Anything in the creation process that is undone by the artist is not seen in the finished product.  However, a nice feature is that once someone sends you a completed canvas you have the option to add to that canvas.  The great thing about this is that a student could submit work, a teacher could watch it and add corrections or changes and email it back!  Great teaching tool that we can make great use of through email as our communication.

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