Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Google Story Builder

Google Story Builder could be a great way to make creative videos.  It will create a video of what it might look like if several people were editing a document at one time.  you can do fun things like creative names for individuals to personalized or add interest.  It could be used to demonstrate an idea, introduce a topic, show a side of a character that might not otherwise be seen, etc.  Some ideas for students might be:

Using Google Story Builder:
  • create a conversation between a modern day character or persona and a historical figure
  • create a conversation between two characters in a story you are reading
  • create a conversation between two characters in two different stories
  • demonstrate a made up or real interview a famous person or character 
  • demonstrate proper behavior by showing a conversation in the lunch room, classroom, bus or other common school location
  • demonstrate or explain a scientific or mathematical process to another individual through speech
  • create a conversation in another language you are studying
  • explain or define in the conversations a topic from content in any class
Story builder is a great tool that can easily be incorporated into any classroom to add some interest. Here is a great tutorial on Google Story Builder using Charlotte's Web.

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