Sunday, November 24, 2013

Civics Lessons that Anyone Would Love

Sometimes engaging games for kids around subjects that are sometimes hard to find.  iCivics is a site that is anything but boring and something that students from middle to high school would love!  While this website has many different games and resources that I am sure need to be explored, I got stuck playing "Do I have a right?" for far longer than I should have.  Students do not need to log in to play but gain the chance to save a game when they do.  The game I played allowed me to manage a law firm and hire different lawyers that focus on various civics lessons.  Clients come in office and get assigned to the lawyer that specializes in their case.  Resources are available to look up information about the law as you decide which laws might apply to the case.  The individuals who "show up" to consult with the lawyer encourage the player to look at the real life possibilities surrounding the laws we have.
While the game is interesting I couldn't help but think of the fantastic discussions that would surround some of the cases in a classroom.  Great content for students.  I did not spend a lot of time in the teacher's section but from what I did see, it is full of information for teachers including lesson plans, activities and ideas surrounding many topics for all ages middle to high school.
This is certainly a resource not to be missed! To see if iCivics covers areas of your curriculum, check out their scope and sequence information here.

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