Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Socrative Classroom - Student Response Easy!

Every teacher wishes they had a better handle of student understanding as they progress through a lesson they are teaching.  Teachers know there are shy students who do not raise their hands to ask questions, rarely demonstrate their knowledge around others or are simply content to let others do the participation for them.  We often have students complete Exit Slips as they leave the room to demonstrate how much we might need to reteach, or specifically which students we need to target.  But what if that feedback could be instantaneous and didn't require you to take on additional grading of papers each night?
Socrative, a digital student response system that works on computers, tablets, iPods, Chromebooks, etc. is a simple solution to this tool.  Students in a Chromebook Classroom can participate using a Chromebook but in other classrooms using the laptop carts or the BYOD open network can have students bring in those devices to be used in class purposefully.
Teachers control the questions posed to the class, watch results and monitor the feedback of the class.  Socrative will even email the teachers a summary of the class results for review and further study later.  This is a great way to gather feedback from kids in real-time while collecting data that is useful for further instruction.  A quick introductory video can be viewed here.

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