Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Comic Relief!

Comic Strip humor has always been fun for kids and as they get older and can appreciate more mature humor they become increasingly aware of comics.  One of the commonly used resources for creating comics requires the use of an app or a subscription.  While it is creative and fun, it isn't usable for all in that format.  One tool that has been around for some time is Make Beliefs Comix.  This online comic Strip creator does not require you to have an account, log in or learn a tough interface.  See the sample I created below.  Make Beliefs Comix is nice as you can easily create 2-4 pane comics, there is a good variety of characters in various poses as well as backgrounds and objects.  Once you have created your comic, you can email the comic to someone or print it out to share.  There are many ideas on the Make Beliefs Comix if you click on "for educators" at the bottom of the main page.  I think there is great value for kids to do a quick exit slip of a character explaining a topic or term, a demonstration of a foreign language, or new vocabulary in context.  This could even be used by the educator to assign homework as a character from a book being read in the class.

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