Friday, March 8, 2013

Images for Classroom Use

The use of images for the classroom is an often discussed topic as there is so much mis-information about what can and cannot be used.  The great thing is that I have been noticing more and more sites like, Pixabay, an online resource of public domain images.  The term public domain means it is a resource that is not subject to copyright.  Often public domain classification is given to something that has had an expiration of  it's copyright but it can even indicate that it is a work that was never protected by copyright in the first place. Either way it means this is media that you are free to use.  The site, Pixabay seeks to support creativity by collecting free, high-quality images that are in the category of public domain.
A sample image from Pixabay
I searched some of the different resources that are available on this site and was pleasantly surprised by the quantity of images per search.  I would caution that this is NOT a site built for children and there are NO guarantees for what a search might come up with. If you were requiring students to find images, I always recommend providing a resource build for kids as provided on our district Library Resources Pages   However, for your own classroom and personal use, these images are fantastic! RY

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