Monday, March 18, 2013

Coffee Time Expertise

A great friend of mine from Tennessee, Tim Childers, started a series of YouTube videos to help teachers learn new tools.  I check back into them especially when he reminds me about them on Twitter or Facebook.  I thought I would share his video series as they are just that good!  The name he has selected for this series is CoffeeTimeEdu. Tim is quite the coffee drinker himself, checking into a coffee shop at least daily, but as the title suggests, the videos are brief enough to watch while you enjoy your morning coffee.
I thought I would share his YouTube channel and point out a few videos that might pertain to some of the work we have going on in our district.  I especially enjoyed the review of the app Ask3 here.

Also of interest might be a CoffeeTime video on Zite.  I posted about Zite a few weeks back and this video about using Zite is really good.  Enjoy it below.

Finally, check out the many other videos Tim has posted on a variety of apps, web resources and if nothing else... enjoy listening to Tim's TN accent!  Leave Tim a message after viewing the videos and tell him Rachel sent you! RY

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