Friday, March 1, 2013

Educational Video Sites

A fantastic resource for Educational videos, lessons and games for K-12 students is neok12.  This site organized by curricular topic is packed with resources and information.
A quick test of the topic Forces brought me to a shortened version of the Wikipedia articles on Types of Forces, Images from Flickr tagged under Creative Common Licensing, Quiz Games, Online Games and Puzzles and Videos.  While I would be careful of the images as they are taken from Flickr and not an entirely trusted site, the videos are all reviewed by K-12 teachers and ones that seems to be short in length, appealing and educationally correct.  The collection ends with related topics at the bottom of the page that I could really see students getting very excited about.  The website itself offers a ChildSafe Watchdog Guarantee and indicates that all lessons and videos have been screened for K-12 use. RY

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