Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gone Google

Every now and then you get to searching for something and end up finding a gen of a resource that you really like but did not necessarily set out to find.  That was the case today when I sat down to look over some blogs I had tagged to read later.  Through a series of clicks through resources, I found the site Gone Google - Lessons and Ideas for 21st Century Learning.  It is a site created by a Google Certified teacher and as the title indicates, it is built as a resource for teachers that are entering into the Google Apps world to make use of to get ideas.  Each of the lesson ideas are developed and grouped by subject.  Currently you will find Art, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies ideas.  Some of the links were permission based but others were open so don't get frustrated.  If you see one you like that you don't have permission to see, you might try to email the owner and see if they will add your email and open it to you.  Most people are willing to share!  Check out this resource today! RY

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