Sunday, March 3, 2013

Zite App

One of the sources for finding new blogs and interesting articles is the app Zite.  It is a subscription service or an aggregator of different articles that you find interesting.  This particular App is one that gets better and better as you use it.  If builds a personal digital magazine of news, articles, blogs and media.  Zite brings all the information into one location and you page through it clicking on articles that you find interesting.  If you come across an article that is not at all something you want to see more of, swipe downward on the thumbnail view or click the thumbs-down icon, and Zite will remove things with that tag from your filter.  However as you read and like an article, by swiping up or clicking a thumbs-up icon, it promises more articles like the one you are viewing.
I find Zite to be helpful in keeping up with new trends in technology, trending news and interesting ideas.  When I find something I really want to share with someone else, Zite offers many ways to share information with others such as attaching it to a Tweet, Sharing on Facebook or simply emailing it out. Zite is also a resource for finding and adding new bloggers to my Google Reader feeds.   Zite is a great companion to your morning cup of coffee. RY

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