Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Get Super Excited About Super Quiz - One Awesome Add On!

I am super excited about Super Quiz!  There are a few really great Add Ons out there for Google Docs.  Super Quiz, an Add On available for Google Sheets has enormous potential for teachers that like to use Google Form to get a quick assessment for student work.  What makes Super Quiz a more useful tool that Flubaroo, another tool used to grade or score a Google Form, is the Super Quiz will not only mark the answers of each student's submission, but it will grade upon submission, created a breakdown of scores in an easy to view format, allows for the teacher to generate personalized feedback of the performance of each quiz for each student as well as send the feedback pages to the students.  That seems awesome enough, but the teacher can also create a "trigger" that will grade the form upon submission so that the entire process becomes an automatic process.  
I see this being used in several ways for a classroom.  Here are just a few of the ways I can see this being really helpful for a classroom:

  1. Pretests for students prior to instruction.
  2. Forms set up to be study guides/review for an upcoming assessment.  Upon completion students receive a personalized document with suggested study paths for the larger assessment.
  3. To assist students in selecting a preference for an upcoming project or learning style.  A form is created in which students mark their likes and dislikes.  Upon completion, Super Quiz's evaluation sends a suggested resource and path based on their responses. 
  4. Combined with the use of Flipped Learning Instructional Videos to assist students in self-differentiating and choosing applicable learning.
  5. Results collected through Super Quiz can guide instructional groups within the classroom to target learning needs of the classroom. 
***Outside of the classroom I have Super Quiz running on some self-guided Google Apps for Education professional development to assist the teachers in determining what areas they need to concentrate their time on.  It seems to be running really well.

Setting up Super Quiz takes a little time although it is something that once you learn and understand it, it gets easier each time.  The creator of Super Quiz has a great tutorial video here.  Although lengthy it really helped me to set up the one that I have running complete with a trigger.  In addition, there is a step-by-step tutorial on the Super Quiz creator's website here.


  1. Would you be willing to share your Google form for PD?

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