Friday, December 13, 2013

Google Launches Google Tips

This week Google launched a new site called Google Tips.  

This great site is well organized into the different tools using cards of which you flip that give you tips on how to use their products. The products included in the ips are Google Search, Gmail, Google Chrome, Android devices, YouTube, Maps, Docs, Drive, Play, Calendar, Keep, News and Google+.   As you can see below, the Tips page is organized into cards.  Each card contains a sentence about the tip and the icon of what Google product it relates to.

Upon opening the card, it flips over and loads the content.  It give you a small supply list of things you need to use this idea as well as step by step directions on how to try out the tip.  I opened the tip "Ask Google to fetch your stuff" from the card above and this is what I found.

Once I have read the tip, I can rate its usefulness, suggest a tip for Google to make another card for, and even share it on many social sites like Google+, Twitter, Facebook or through email.   This site is bound to grow as people make suggestions.  What an exciting way to learn what you want when you want it!

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