Friday, December 20, 2013

LucidPress - Online Print and Digital Media

Transitioning our students from a Microsoft Office setting to Google Docs with a Chromebook has meant that we have turned to the web to find other resources to do some of the things that we have done before and are not ready to give up.  Creating professional looking print media (reports, newsletters, presentations, flyers, books, etc) can be done with Google Docs, but variety and formatting option are often limited.  LucidPress is the answer and it is a great tool!
LucidPress is a great solution to publishing and presenting.  The great news is that students and staff with Google Apps for Education can log in with their Google accounts easily by clicking on the Google button that appears after clicking "sign in" from the top right-hand corner.  This will link your Google Drive to LucidPress so that you can save documents into a LucidPress folder in Google Drive. In addition, you will  find that when you click "create" in Google Drive, LucidPress will be a new choice in your options for the type of document you would like to create.  LucidPress is collaborative just as you find with other Google Docs so you and your peers can work together to create dynamic media together.
There are just too many great things about LucidPress to talk about so I have included their 60 second video introduction and a short list of the things I love about LucidPress below.  Enjoy!
What I love about LucidPress:

  • It works on a Chromebook!
  • It allows kids to sign in with Google Accounts
  • It integrates with Google Drive
  • It is collaborative
  • It has many creative options
  • It looks professional
  • It prints well and looks great digitally
  • It is easy to use -  mostly drag and drop
  • They have Tutorials!
I could go on, and on, and on!

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