Saturday, December 14, 2013

Docs Quickly Extension - 2 Clicks!

All people are different and have different tolerance levels for different things that occur in a day.  One thing that I know about myself is that I have a low"click tolerance".  
Click Tolerance in the Rachel Yurk dictionary is defined as:  The number of times one must "Click" the mouse to navigate the to the desired resource. 
In my world that tolerance level tends to be on the low side.  Which means I get annoyed when I have to click many times to go where I want to go on the computer.  Think about the process of opening a Google Doc, Sheet, Presentation, Form, etc.  While there are many ways to do that, I find that having one easy way to launch a new doc satisfies my desire for fewer clicks in life.
This great extension appears along side the URL bar in your Chrome Browser as a folder with a Green +.  When you click on the folder the image below appears allowing you to launch a Doc, Presentation, Spreadsheet, or Drawing.  I counted, TWO CLICKS!  Love it!

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