Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Screencasting Made Easy - Using Screenr

As we approach the winter break I am sure you are thinking, "Boy, what will I do with all this time on my hands?  No students, no papers to grade, no lessons to plan for."  I have a great solution, try some screencasting! (You know I am joking, right?)
If you are unfamiliar with the concept of screencasting, screencasting is when you make a digital recording or simple movie of the output of your computer.  It often includes audio and is commonly one of the tools used to flip lessons in a flipped classroom.  Screencasting can be intimidating, although the benefits of teaching using screencasting certainly outweigh the effort.  A screencast of the steps to complete a task in a classroom can reach students at many levels.  It is an easy way to differentiate as students can replay the steps as many times as needed, parents can watch then assist their children in the steps you have given and you have an easy review for classroom assessments. Some teachers even use screencasting as an assessment by having students create a screencast of a topic to demonstrate understanding.

Want to give it a try?  One tool you might start with is Screenr.
This online tool is easy, simple and will work with the district laptops.  You have a built in microphone so no additional equipment is needed.  Consider screencasting a lesson in January. Give it a try!
The tutorial on the main page from Screenr will help you get started. Video can also be seen at http://www.screenr.com/

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