Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Targeting Gramar Instruction with No Red Ink

I recently had the pleasure of attending my high school aged daughter's parent teacher conferences.  She's a really good student and so I always enjoy going as I know it will be positive and fun educational conversations.  This term was not really much different although I got to hear her Honors English 10 teacher rave about a website she has discovered.  I sat back and took in her excitement, recognizing that moment when a teacher is "on fire" with a new tool for their classroom toolbox.  She excitedly told me about No Red Ink.  I decided to check it out and this is what I learned:

This website is built to help kids learn to be better writers through the use of grammar instruction.  The site polls students about their interests, favorite books, movies, peers, etc. and then uses those results to build grammar questions about those things in which they are interested.  The work kids do is adaptive and keeps records for teachers all while scoring the work for them.  The site is free for parents, students and teachers.  There is unlimited practice so that the class time is not taken up with grammar practice.  A great introductory video is included below.  Winder if this might fit in your classroom?  Me too?


  1. This definitely has possibilities for students, even if this were at-home work. Students could learn grammar in a fun way, and teachers could use the bulk of their teaching time providing instruction on the craft of writing.

  2. How do you 'grade' student progress? Do you provide a weekly grade as they move through a marking period? How do you generate a traditional grade book grade from the heat map provided by No Red Ink to show student progress? How do you normalize the grade when students are working on individualized plans? Thank you in advance for your response.