Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fun Finds from the Staff!

As the staff begins to move through the Google Apps for Education learning modules we are beginning to collect some great responses from the Module Two Task that asks that you find a Google App or Extension and share it in our shared Google Doc. While everyone who visits the page can see what people are sharing you might have forgotten that this resource is one you can look back to and check again for great finds.  While I know you can all look back I thought it might be really helpful if I share some of them in the blog on occasion.  Enjoy these ideas from the staff!

myHomeowrk - this Chrome App is a student planner built to help students sty organized in their studies.  It appears the app just went free which is GREAT!  Students can track classes, homework, tests etc.  I like that it is available on multiple devices and that it teaches kids the idea of prioritizing their time.
Thanks Liz W.!

Doremi - This Chrome App is a music app that will be great for those students working to develop ear training.  There are many options within the program that allow you to alter the difficulty as well as the clues that you are given as you use it.
Perfect for music classes!  Thanks Sarah M.

Typing Club - Can' we all use a little typing refresher?  This app is one that might be a great supplement to encourage students to practice their touch typing skills.  It allows you to practice your normal typing activities or move through a series of lessons.  Reviews of this app are very positive and even show kids and adults found this app to be useful.
Great for all our students, Mike W.!

Zondle - This Chrome App is one with a claim I love... FREE!  This game-based platform supports students in lesson review and preparation for tests.  Teachers can create the reviews and then the students play the games to review!  Fun and easy to use on any topic, game, level, language.  Wait! Language?  I bet you could use this in foreign language classes!
Thanks Abby V. for finding this one!

Temperature Converter - This simple app will help student quickly convert between Celsius  Fahrenheit  Rankine  Reamur and Kelvin scales.  It includes a direct link to the page that did the actual conversion so that you can share ti with others too!
Great app for science classes!  Thanks MikeS!

Check back soon for more finds!  RY

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