Friday, May 31, 2013

Chrome Tips Blog

I am a member of a few circles on Google+ and check there often to see what friends from around the county are sharing.  Sometimes it is great and sometimes it is just "brain candy".  Today I found some awesome resources and all of them came from the site Chrome Story .  On this site there is some really great stuff.  Today they launched a free How to Use the Chromebook FREE eBook.  Yes, FREE!  The book appears to have been written in true Google fashion, collaboratively.  Love that!
Also on this site is a section called 100 Chrome Tips that is worth looking through.  This is a fantastic list organized by topics.  Some things get a little technical but it was great to see some things that reinforce what we have been working with in our district.
Finally, the site includes a page called 75 Chromebook Tips.  All of the things on the site encourage you to spend a little time and look a little deeper.  Hope this resource is one you can make good use of!

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