Monday, April 29, 2013

Communication Boost

Communication with large groups of people can be a tough task.  Sometimes the communication methods don't always work for every person, some like more other complain that there is just too much to keep up with.  It is hard to find a balance.  I have even found that some forms of communication tend to be met with different comfort levels based on the age of the individuals.  My parents, for example are not great with texting and often lament that people just don't talk to each other enough.  I tend to rely heavily on email and turn to that method first yet my son's 20 something soccer coach rarely responds to emails and relies heavily on text messages.  Regardless of the form by which we communicate, sometimes we just need to get a message out to people and even large groups of people and wouldn't it be great if we were able to use a method that worked for each person.
For years I have recommended Remind101, a messaging system for teachers set up to do just that, communicate with large groups of people. I use this system to manage my son's soccer team and I cannot say enough about how easy it works.... and, there's even a remind101 app for the iPhone or Android device which I love. The added benefit of this tool is that this system keeps your information private.  Here's what it does:
  1. Teacher goes to and created an account.  
  2. Add a class or group for which you would like to send messages.
  3. Print or digitally send the sign up instructions to the group of people with which you wish to communicate. 
  4. Members of your group will text to a number you code or sign up for email notifications.  
  5. You either send instant messages or schedule messages or reminders to go out as you need.  This can be done from a computer or from the iPhone/Android app.  
Teachers will not see the phone numbers of the teachers, and students will not see the teachers number either!  Teachers can create up to 10 classes for FREE!
Parents of my son's soccer team have signed up for email and text alerts and the boys on the team are getting text reminders for uniforms, practice changes and game times.  It has been a great way to help the boys learn some responsibility while staying connected in a the ways in which the individuals in the group prefer to be connected.  

Watch a video about remind101 here and consider giving it a try for a group gathering, a sports team or you class next year! RY

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