Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Protecting Your Reputation Online

Several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting the author and creator of the Common Craft Video series, Lee Lefever.  While they are stored in a different location than their original site, the videos remain the same.  They are short, simple video simply illustrated and meant to define a more complex task or concept to someone who is a beginner to that topic.  Common Craft videos have been made on topics like blogging, Twitter, or Wikis.  They are a fantastic resource for many.
This week on Twitter a friend posted the Protecting Reputations Online Common Craft Video.  Lee Lefever does a fantastic job of illustrating and explaining an often difficult topic in a way that might help middle and high school students think twice before posting sensitive images or people's names online.  He explains how even deleted content can still be accessed and encourages kids to think before they submit anything.
I got to thinking that as we look towards the summer months all of our students will be hanging out with friends and that most of them will be carrying devices that have the potential to either create a great online reputation or to capture each and every poor choice for the world to see.  What a difference we could make by sharing one simple three minute video.

Enjoy! RY

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