Monday, April 8, 2013

Technology Integration

Aditi Rao, a Technology Resource specialist from Houston, Texas recently posted on her blog "teachbytes" a post about the difference between using technology and integrating technology.  At the end of her short post she created a chart to indicate what she feels the difference it.  I really love the chart and think it is definitely one to consider.  She is absolutely correct, there is a huge difference between the use and the integration of technology in the classroom.  The chart is a fantastic comparison.
What I feel compelled to point out is that we all start somewhere and that is only with the use of technology. Truthfully the hardest task is moving into the integration of technology.  The chart is great as it really focuses on the next steps, that move towards integration,  and I love the illustration as a motivation for teachers to consider their next steps.  The chart is shared below.  This blog is really great and one that you might consider looking at.


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