Monday, January 4, 2016

Quizizz - Make Learning Fun!

There are a number of review tools available for teachers to use to add interest to studying information.  I hear the sounds of Kahoot, Socrative and Formative and I get encouraged by the excitement that is stirred in students through gamifying studying that I remember being boring a laborious.  Another resource that I came across on Twitter today adds to the growing number of resources that can be used to encourage the excitement.
Quizizz allows for multi-player practice encouraging collaboration.  It does require that students under the age of 13 have parent permission, but it also has a way for students to play without registration.  Similar to other resources, once a teacher initiates a quiz, a code is generated for the quiz in which students enter to play.  Students answer the questions at their own pace and once they complete the question set, the can review their answers while awaiting the rest of the class to finish.  Quizziz has many already created question sets of which you can try out.  Give it a try.  Here's a quick video walk through.

Additionally, Quizziz has added a feature for homework in which you can launch a quiz using the homework feature that will allow you to set a deadline for the homework.  The assignment displays live and the reports feature will tabulate during the window of which you set for the quiz.  They have recently added a feature to this that allows students to resume a homework game that they may have started before.  This would be a great test review in which students begin in class and then finish at home!

Quizizz keeps a blog with some great tips that is worth checking out.  I'd love to hear from anyone who give this resource a try!  Let me know how it goes!

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