Friday, May 23, 2014

ExamTime ~ So Much More than Exams!

I recently came across a post on Educational Technology and Mobile Learning's blog that shared 7 Great Web Tools to Help Students Study Collaboratively.  I explored some new ones, but one that really caught my eye was ExamTime.  From the name, I expected it to be an assessment tool, but it is really so much more than that and very useful as a learning platform overall and it is FREE.
An overview video gives you just a snapshot, but I'll explore the great tools contained in the resource as well:

MindMaps Map Tool

Good digital maps that don't require accounts, are easy to download and use can be hard to find. The ExamTime MindMaps tool allows you to easily map out thinking, connect other ExamTime tools, add notes to nodes and collaborate on all your thinking.  You can play an animated version of the MindMap as well as download a png of the map when done.  A how-to video is also available.  

Flashcards Tool

Memorization work in a classroom is tedious but paper flash cards are even more tedious.  As a parent, I hate them as I find the "set" in the bottom of a backpack but never know if the set is complete.  Digital flashcards, easily shared among classmates and easy to make are a great feature within MindMaps.  Check out the how-to video here.

Quiz Tool

The Quiz Tool is provided as a tool that students can use to help study for the exams the teacher might give, but not necessarily to replace the teacher's assessment.  I created a simple quiz and was delighted to see that you can send the quiz out via URL or embed.  This only works if the quiz is public.  A private quiz can be shared with someone through an ExamTime account grouping or via direct email.  This makes the quiz tool a ver usable resource.  The user experience with the Quiz Tool is great!  After taking a quiz, the user submits for results and then can even review each question.  Again, a great tutorial is available to making a quiz.


Study planner provides as student with a drag and drop organizational tool that would make partitioning out a larger task into work-able pieces, plan out group work with a team and/or set up tasks to ensure completion.  While similar to Google's Calendar, it might be a resource for older students to see the details in a sequential manner.  The video is also complete on this tool.

There are a few other tools with this great resource that are somewhat repetitive to the Google Apps tools such as the Notes feature, but this is certainly a resource that is worthwhile to explore for a classroom.  Students that need supervision, organizational help, and teacher support, will find this to be very valuable.  

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