Monday, May 19, 2014

Grammar Interactively!

Several times over the last week I have seen Tweets and posts about the site Quill.  I finally have had some time to look it over and I am pretty excited about it.  This site, with a portal for student or teacher, provides students with work in learning english grammar skills in an interactive format.  The set up and use of the site is pretty intuitive but I will walk through the basics:

  1. Once a teacher creates a class, Common Core aligned lessons appear of which the teacher can select.  You can view each lesson and the CC standards of which it applies.
  2. Upon selecting a lesson, a due date can be decided upon.  Lessons can be assigned to the whole class or not.  
  3. Once lessons are determined, the teacher can either manually add the students or a class code can be offered to the students.
  4. Teachers can edit student accounts as well
Quill has an introductory video with student reactions and an great explanation on how the program works on the student side.  It is very complete and definitely worth watching.  It can be found here:

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