Friday, September 20, 2013

Relevant Education Technology Integration Resources

The goal of integration of technology is to use tech so that those using it no longer think of its use, but simply go about learning in an enhanced way because of it.  Providing teachers with "relevant" technology application is very important as that helps us to be on our way to a seamless use of the technology in the classroom and ultimately for learning. The Web 2.0 Guru blog is packed full of resources and the page of this resource is titled "Web 2.0 Resources for Relevant Education Technology Integration".  Cheryl Capozzoli is very knowledge and keeps a very complete and organized list of tools that would be great in classrooms that have a 1:1 environment.  Categories are very helpful in determining ways you can add a digital element but the list is concise and, well, relevant!

Take some time to consider some of the resources you see here.  Celebrate how many you are already using as I certainly found many!

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