Sunday, September 8, 2013

Great Chrome Shortcuts

In our move to a 1:1 environment using Google Apps for Education, the teachers are all being encouraged to make the switch from other browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox to Google Chrome.  Saving tome and being efficient are always at the top of my list so I have created a collection of keyboard shortcuts or trick that you might want to try out.  I'd love your feedback on these or others you find yourself using.

Press Shift and click a link. - Will open a link on a page in a new window
Drag a link to a tab. - Will open a link in the tab that you have dragged it to
Drag a link to a blank area on the tab strip. - Will open the link in a new tab
Ctrl+Shift+T - This open the last tab that you have opened.  Actually Chrome remembers your last 10 tabs!
Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8 - Opens the tab in the spot of the tab strip of the corresponding number you use
Ctrl+Enter - Adds www. and .com to your input in the address bar and open the resulting URL.
Ctrl+F - opens a search/find bar for the page
Ctrl+D - Saves your current webpage as a bookmark.
Ctrl and +, or press Ctrl and scroll your mousewheel up. - Zooms or enlarges everything on the screen
Ctrl and -, or press Ctrl and scroll your mousewheel down. - Zooms out on everything on the screen
Ctrl+0 - Returns everything on the page to normal size

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