Wednesday, August 26, 2015

So Many Ways to Show What You Know

This summer it seems there have been some really great resources made available to educators across multiple platforms.  Capturing the learning and understanding of students is and important goal for educators. but being able to capture it digitally and authentically using multiple forms of digital media on devices that are native to the students work flow is the icing on the cake.  Today I read about SeeSaw becoming available on the Chromebooks, iOS and Android on one of my favorite blogs Education Technology and Mobile Learning.  A few weeks ago Explain Everything announced that their app is available free for Chromebook users.  These are the kinds of resources that make learning exciting for the student and the assessment and portfolio process easy.  Consider checking in on both of these tools as described below to show what you know either as the educator or learner in your classroom!

 Explain Everything is easy to use, but here's a great tutorial to get you started!

SeeSaw, also easy to use, has a great tutorial here and they have a great channel of tutorial videos to sift through.

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